Zentyal 3.5 Roadmap published!

Zentyal Development Team is glad to announce the roadmap for Zentyal 3.5! Zentyal 3.5 is a new Community Edition that will be published on the 17th of June, 2014. This release will run on Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS and it will focus specially on offering improved Microsoft Active Directory® and Microsoft® Exchange Server replacement. The code freeze is expected on May 16th.

The single most important improvement of Zentyal 3.5 is the upgrade to the new distribution base (Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS). On the other hand, this release will primarily improve and consolidate both Samba4 and OpenChange integration. In this regard, Zentyal 3.5 will remove both synchronization with OpenLDAP and Zarafa, leaving Samba4 as the main directory service and OpenChange as the mail service for Microsoft® Exchange Server users. New mail features will include support for Microsoft Outlook® 2010, support for ActiveSync® and automatic Inbox refresh.

Regarding other changes, L7 Filter and FTP modules will be also removed from the Zentyal 3.5 release. For further information about the modules that will be removed, please read this Forum post. We will shortly announce the availability of the Zentyal 3.5 Daily Builds for testing, allowing early adopters to test them and give feedback as soon as possible. So, stay tuned to join the testing effort to make the best Zentyal release ever!


    1. Win

      Hi, check the installer tried installing “Zentyal 3.5 daily cd” in Core 2 Du E7500 + 4GB HD + 500 GbWesterDigital not working, say “harddisk/partition not found” , or “not dismount ..”
      The Zentyal 3.4 install perfect.
      The installation of Ubuntu 14.04 Server working perfect (after, install Zentyal 3.5 using APT).



  1. Daniel Bo

    Why are you removing LDAP integration? Doesn’t this completely screw up any possible Linux desktop integration. Does this mean Ubuntu client auto-config is off the table?

    I’m not trolling. I actually want to know. Is Zentyal moving away from being an easy to set up Ubuntu server and toward serving exclusively Windows networks?

    1. heidi

      Hi Daniel. Please note that OpenLDAP removal does not mean we are removing the LDAP integration. At the moment Zentyal has two LDAP implementations (OpenLDAP and Samba4): We are removing the OpenLDAP implementation because having two LDAP servers is causing lots of synchronization issues. When this is done, the different network services will continue communicating using the LDAP protocol.

    1. heidi

      Hi Robert! Thanks for your feedback and sorry for late reply, I had missed your comment. We started by supporting Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007, then added 2010 and in the Zentyal Server 4.0 Release we will add support for Microsoft Outlook 2013.

  2. Mike Allen

    I’m a long-time user of Zentyal/Ebox and a big fan. But my number one gripe is security: when is Zentyal going to use SSL/TLS for LDAP authentication and disable unencrypted LDAP access? Sending passwords in cleartext during LDAP authentication – particularly when Zentyal also provides a superb certification authority – is just plain crazy. ALL communications should be encrypted by default. Is this on the roadmap for any future release?

    1. heidi

      Hi Mike! Thanks for your feedback and sorry for late reply – I had missed your comment. You have a valid point there. However, please note that currently we are using passwords in cleartext only for services within the same machine so these could be read only by intruders who are already sniffing inside the server. When connecting to an external service, SSL connections can be used (and they are supported by Zentyal).

  3. miniyo88

    es posible que en futuras versiones haya soporte para pc’s basados en arquitectura arm?? sería muy interesante correr zentyal en un o-droid por ejemplo

    1. heidi

      Hola! Gracias por el feedback y mis disculpas por el retraso en contestarle – No había visto su comentario hasta ahora. En referencia a ejecutar el Servidor Zentyal sobre ARM, hemos hecho algunas pruebas de forma interna y parece más que factible, pero en estos momentos no lo soportamos de forma oficial.

  4. Stefan

    What about the Asterisk Implementation? Will that come back? Or is there no plan to do? Together with Jabber you have a full Lync replacement.

    Thanks Stefan

    1. heidi

      Hi Stefan! Thanks for your feedback and sorry for late reply, I had missed your comment. Currently there are no plans on bringing Zentyal’s VoIP module back (it was based on Asterisk). We would be very glad if any community member would step forward to maintain the module or a 3rd party VoIP provider would develop a VoIP module for Zentyal. Both could be available for installation from Zentyal’s contrib repository. For further info, check out the development documentation [0].

      [0] How to install and maintain a dropped Zentyal modules, Zentyal Development and Advanced Uses and How to Get Started with Zentyal Development Tutorial

  5. E. David

    I’ve recently set up a RAIDed 3.4 server for a friend in lieu of using OpenSuse and have been very impressed with the Zentyal distribution (kudos and thanks). Given that they have yet to go home-live with the box, I may redo it with forth-coming 3.5 but FTP is something that the family would like to have. What would be the suggested method of putting FTP services on 3.5 given that such is being dropped in the standard install set?

    Thanks for your reply / help!

    1. heidi

      Hi! Thanks for your feedback. Regarding the FTP service, we will provide documentation on how to how this can be configured on top of Zentyal/Ubuntu server with Vsftpd. The documentation is scheduled to be published in the end of August / beginning of September.

    1. heidi

      Hi Wolfy! Yes, OpenChange supports this, but there are some known issues with the webmail regarding the unicode version.

  6. Beeckmans Olivier

    Replaced Zarafa with OpenChange, a product still in development and very far from providing all the features of Zarafa.
    It’s a bit stupid is not it?
    And anyway in my opinion very premature?

    1. heidi

      Hi Olivier. The reason why we have gone with the OpenChange technology and dropped Zarafa is two-fold: 1. We want to provide native compatibility with Microsoft Exchange protocols and OpenChange is the only technology that offers this and 2. We had no intention of dropping Zarafa, but as they weren’t interested in native compatibility, we had to look for alternatives.

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