New Zentyal 5.0.1 installer available

Zentyal Development Team is glad to announce the publication of a new Zentyal Server installer. The Zentyal Server 5.0.1 installer is the first revision of Zentyal Server 5.0 version and it comes with all the fixes and improvements carried out to the date, including:

  • Based on the Ubuntu Server 16.04.3 LTS (released in August 2017)
  • Hybrid ISO with support for legacy BIOS and modern UEFI ones
  • Integration of the latest stable Samba version (4.6.7)
  • Integration of the latest SOGo version (3.2.10)
  • Fixes installation problems on Hyper-V and other virtualization platforms or specific hardware

You can download the new ISO from Download Zentyal Linux Small Business Server . If you already have Zentyal 5.0 installed, simply upgrade your server through the graphical web interface.


  1. Fabio Rojas

    Congratulations for your new 5.x version.

    I would like to know if is possible the migration of an Active Directory from Zentyal 4.x version to the Zentyal 5.x? And if it’s possible, how I do it?

    Thanks in advance for your kind attention.

    1. webmaster

      Hello! Sure, you simply need to update zentyal-core to the last version (go to Zentyal Server GUI, Software Management / Zentyal Components section and update it) and “Upgrade” button appears on the Dashboard. Make sure your system is backed up before moving forward with the upgrade.

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