Are you interested in contributing to the Zentyal project? Join the Bug Hunters Squad! This newly created team aims at guaranteeing better and faster debugging process by filtering and classifying bugs, ensuring that bug reports are accurate and finding duplicate bug reports, among other tasks.

It is important to note that joining in the Bug Hunters Squad doesn’t mean that you will have to extensively test Zentyal and find new bugs. Team members’ help is much appreciated in recognizing bugs in Forum posts, asking the users to file bug reports, completing inaccurate bug reports or making the necessary additional questions to reproduce and fix the reported bug, for instance.

Want to join the Bug Hunters Squad already? Great! Simply let us know that you want to join the team in this thread for clearance, check out the Bug Hunting Guidelines and get started! The Bug Hunters Squad is currently lead by Ichat, Zentyal Community Member, who will answer to any questions or doubts you might have regarding the bug hunting through the #zentyal on

Zentyal Team is glad to announce that the first Zentyal 3.0 alpha packages are now available for testing. As Zentyal 3.0 will offer a new base system (Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS), Zentyal Community members’ help in testing is now specially needed to guarantee smooth upgrade.

To join the testing effort, Ubuntu Server 12.04 installation is necessary. If you already have one, simply check out the instructions on how to test the packages. And if not, download and install the latest Ubuntu Server 12.04 first. Zentyal installer will be available later on.

Remember to spread the word! And as always, feedback, issues and suggestions through the Trac and Forum are much appreciated.

Zentyal courses in Aragon and Galicia

February 7 2012

Categories: News

We are glad to announce that five free Zentyal courses will be held in Aragon and Galicia from February to May 2012. The courses will be conducted by Zentyal staff in Spanish.

Below the course descriptions and registration details.

COURSE (user level): Daily management of a Linux Server for SMBs (onsite, Aragón)
Date: February 2012, in the evenings.
Duration: 12 hours.
Requirements: Prior knowledge of computers. Students must be self-employed or unemployed.
Objective: Students will carry out of the daily management of their Zentyal server efficiently.

COURSE (basic level): Computer Network Management of SMBs with Linux (onsite and online, Aragón)
Date: March 2012, in the evenings.
Duration: 34 hours.
Prerequisites: basic knowledge in computer networks. Students must be self-employed or unemployed.
Objective: Students can deploy Zentyal as a gateway server and manage the network infrastructure and security in an SMB. Corresponds to the official “Zentyal for Network Technicians” course.

COURSE (Intermediate Level): Managing Servers with Linux in SMBs (onsite and online, Aragón)
Date: April 2012, in the evenings.
Duration: 34 hours.
Requirements: Experience in computer network managment. Students must be self-employed or unemployed.
Objective: Students can deploy Zentyal server as a office server and communications server in an SMB. Corresponds to the official “Zentyal for Network Administrators” course.

COURSE (Intermediate Level): Linux Network Administration with Zentyal (onsite, in the CTA, Aragón)
Date: From 16/04/2012 until 03/05/2012 in the evenings.
Duration: 40 hours.
Requirements: Basic knowledge in computer network management.
Objective: Students can deploy Zentyal server as a gateway, office and communications server and manage the network infrastructure and security in an SMB. Corresponds to the official “Zentyal for Network Technicians” and “Zentyal for Network Administrators” courses.

COURSE (Intermediate): Linux Network Administration with Zentyal (onsite, in the CNTG, Galicia)
Date: From 03/03/2012 until 16/03/2012.
Duration: 40 hours.
Objective: Provide the understanding of the Zentyal server architecture. Allow to deploy and manage all Zentyal services in SMB environment. Allow to learn best practices for effective and safe network maintenance of a SMB server. Prepare for the Zentyal Certified Associate (ZeCA) certification exam.
Requirements: Basic knowledge in computer network management.

Due to the growing interest in Zentyal development shown by many Zentyal users, an updated version of the Zentyal module development tutorial has now been published in the community wiki. The tutorial offers an easy-to-follow, practical guide for developing new Zentyal modules and extending the existing features.

For those interested in Zentyal development, it is good to know that making new Zentyal modules is now easier than ever – Among other reasons, this is because autotools is not used anymore for building the packages and instead, the developers can use Zentyal’s own zbuildtools package. Moreover, other helpful development tools have also been documented.

As to other development related news, it is also important to note that Zentyal project has moved from Subversion to GIT. To get Zentyal source, please check these new instructions. If you have any feedback or questions, please let us know through Zentyal Forum or Development Mailing List.

Zentyal Team is glad to announce that Zentyal 2.2 Virtual Machine images are now available for download! These VM images – that are available for VirtualBox, VMware and KVM (qcow2 format) – offer a quick and easy way to test Zentyal without actually having to install it. This is especially useful for those users who simply want to have a quick look to the latest Zentyal functionality.

The VM images together with instructions and additional information are available in the trac. It is important to note that the images come with a reduced set of Zentyal modules. In reality Zentyal offers many more features that can be easily enabled in the “Software Management” section once the Virtual Machine is up and running.

Remember to spread the word! And as always, feedback and suggestions through the Forum are much appreciated!

Zentyal, developer of the Zentyal Linux small business server, announced today that it has closed a series A venture capital funding of over $1 million USD by Open Ocean Capital, leading investor in community and open source business. The funding will be used to support Zentyal’s expansion in the small and medium business (SMB) server market that is estimated to reach 17.4 million units by the year 2017.

“Zentyal is a fast-growing server solution that combines cloud-based services to make network management easy and secure for SMBs. In just three years we have become the reference in Linux small business servers, and now, with over 30,000 monthly downloads and at break-even, we consider this is the right moment to get venture capital to disrupt definitely the market. We believe Open Ocean Capital is the best investor for us, as they can bring both the funding and the best advice to help us challenge the current market leaders” said Ignacio Correas, CEO of Zentyal.

“We are excited to become shareholders in Zentyal, as the company aims to disrupt the multibillion dollar business for small- and medium sized business servers” said Tom Henriksson, Open Ocean Partner. “Zentyal perfectly fits Open Ocean Fund Three’s investment focus, developing a rapidly scalable business on the basis of a vibrant open-source community and -product.”

Simultaneously Zentyal has also appointed new members to the Board of Directors: Tom Henriksson, Partner at Open Ocean and former Head of Corporate Business Development at Nokia, has joined the board alongside with Jorge Mata, Founder and President of Berg Networks and Founder of MyAlert.

Download the full press release in English or Spanish…

Zentyal Development Teams is glad to announce that the tentative Zentyal 3.0 roadmap has now been published. The roadmap has been based both on community proposals and ideas, external technical requirements (new Ubuntu Server LTS version) and specific needs the Development Team sees necessary to address to keep improving the project.

As already mentioned during the Zentyal Summit, the proposed main development lines for Zentyal 3.0 are the upgrade to Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS, better integration with Ubuntu in general, improvements on the Desktop side and better user experience.

For details, please check the trac. As this is not the definitive roadmap, you can give your feedback and participate in the conversation about it through the Forum.

After somewhat longer beta period than initially expected, Zentyal Development Team is glad to announce that the upgrade tool to migrate from Zentyal 2.0 to Zentyal 2.2 is now ready! Special thanks go to all those Zentyal users who helped in the testing process and gave useful feedback to improve the tool!

Information on how to use the tool, known issues, etc. is available at the Trac. As migrating a production server is a complex task that may lead to problems, it is recommended to do the migration out of office hours, making sure that it is possible to restore a backup if anything goes wrong during the process.

If you come up with any issues, please report through the Forum. On the other hand, if you have a critical production environment and you want to count on Zentyal Development Team’s help for the migration, you can always opt for commercial support.

Enjoy the new Zentyal 2.2 server!

Zentyal Development Team is glad to announce that the first version of Zentyal Migration Tool for Windows Server is now available. This tool aims at making the migration process from existing Windows server environments to Zentyal-based Linux environments significantly easier.

At the moment the Zentyal Migration Tool includes Active Directory synchronization and exportation of basic DHCP and DNS settings from Windows servers to Zentyal. The tool is made available together with extensive documentation, as well as detailed information on how to migrate from Microsoft Exchange to Linux with Zentyal and Zarafa Groupware.

Please let us know through the Forum if you come up with any issues or have any suggestions for improvements. Our aim is to progressively improve this tool, allowing to extract more data to make the replacement of Windows servers with Zentyal as easy as possible.

Zentyal, developer of the Zentyal Linux small business server, announced today the program for upcoming Zentyal Summit 2011, that will take place on the 11th and 12th of November in Zaragoza, Spain. Zentyal Summit offers a meeting place to share experiences, meet and discuss with other Zentyal users and developers, discuss the roadmap of the next release and attend training sessions.

Keynote speaker of the Summit is Roberto Galoppini, Senior Director of Business Development at SourceForge, who has over 20 years experience in the computer industry, and has spent the last 10 years working in the intersection of open source software and business development. His talk “From Projects to Products” will take a look on how open source projects can turn in to commercially viable products and how SourceForge can help in the process.

The Summit program covers a large number of topics related to Zentyal, from commercial aspects to Zentyal server use cases, community talks and technical workshops, aimed at current and potential Zentyal customers, partners, community members and users. There is no registration fee for participating in the event, but seats are limited so early registration is highly recommended. Both the program and registration form can be found at the Summit website.

Zentyal Summit 2011 will be held right after the Libre Software World Conference 2011, that will take place in Zaragoza on the 9th and 10th of November. The Summit is sponsored by the Local Government of Aragón, Zaragoza City Council, Business Consortium for Open Source Software in Aragón (CESLA) and National Reference Center for ICT Based on OSS (CENATIC).