The Zentyal Development Team announced today the release of Zentyal 2.2, a new major release of the Zentyal Linux small business server. Zentyal aims at providing small and medium businesses a professional, reliable and secure server solution, that is yet easy to use and affordable.

Zentyal 2.2 introduces major performance improvements, reducing the installation time and improving the user interface responsiveness by 30%. Besides, a number of usability improvements have taken place, making the server installation, configuration and management easier and more accessible for SMB users with no earlier experience on Linux.

This version features fully new Captive Portal module, that offers the possibility to limit user access to the Internet through a login page. Captive portals are typically used at WiFi hotspots, but also in wired networks at hotels, schools or airports where users need to authenticate prior gaining Internet access.

In addition, Zentyal 2.2 introduces a bunch of new features, such as IPsec and, PPTP support, Administrator audit logging, Virtual machine management, Zarafa 7 integration, Ad-blocker or the ability to run Zentyal from a USB stick. Moreover, to celebrate the new release, improved free Basic Subscription was recently launched to give users access to basic alerts, reports, remote monitoring and management options directly from the Zentyal Cloud at no cost.

Zentyal users are invited to participate in Zentyal Summit 2011, to be held on November 11-12, to learn more about this version and discuss the roadmap of the next stable Zentyal version.

For additional information, please check out the Detailed Announcement or the full changelog.

Zentyal announced today the preliminary program for the upcoming Zentyal Summit 2011, that is to be held in November 11-12, in Zaragoza, Spain. The current draft version includes talks given by Zentyal Development Team on topics such as: Business opportunities based on Zentyal, Zentyal vs. Windows solutions for small and medium businesses and Zentyal 3.0 roadmap.

In addition, an open discussion on Zentyal community governance has been included to the program, as well as three practical workshops: Zentyal server maintenance with Zentyal Cloud, Best practices deploying a Zentyal Server and How to customize Zentyal configuration files (by using hooks and templates). Partners’, users’ and community’s interests and requirements have been taken into account when defining this preliminary program.

The call for talks will close on the 24th of September. Both submitted and anticipated talk proposals are being taken into account and the definitive program will be announced in October. Potential speakers are encouraged to submit their talk proposals and it is also possible to register to the event at the Zentyal Summit website.

About Zentyal Summit
Zentyal Summit offers a meeting place to share experiences, meet and discuss with other Zentyal users and developers, discuss the roadmap of the next release, attend training sessions or take the ZeCA certification exam. The summit is open to all and it is specially aimed at current and potential Zentyal customers, partners, community members and users.

Zentyal Summit 2011 will be held right after the Libre Software World Conference 2011, that will take place in Zaragoza on the 9th and 10th of November. There is no registration fee for participating in Zentyal Summit, but seats are limited so early registration is highly recommended.

A new, stable version of Zentyal (Zentyal 2.2) will be released on the 14th of September 2011 and the Zentyal Development Team will be happy to celebrate the occasion with friends, fans, users and customers with a release party!

The party will be held in Zaragoza (Spain), city where the project started and everybody is warmly welcome to paint the town red together with Zentyal Team and enjoy a concert by the local band Iron Maños. The exact address of the party is: La Bóveda/Albergue de Zaragoza, C/ Predicadores 70, Zaragoza.

Confirm you participation at event’s Facebook page. If you are too far to attend, hold your Zentyal Release Party in your own town – Simply add the coordinates and the time of the party in the event’s Facebook page comments!

Zentyal, the developer of the Linux small business server of the same name, today announced the first Zentyal Summit taking place in Zaragoza (Spain) on the 11th and 12th of November 2011. The event offers a meeting place to share experiences, meet and discuss with other Zentyal users and developers, discuss the roadmap of the next release, attend training sessions or take the ZeCA certification exam. The summit is open to all and it is specially aimed at current and potential Zentyal customers, partners, community members and users.

The Summit program will include presentations on Zentyal server use cases, migration and integration projects, community collaborations and initiatives, as well as partner and customer experiences and practical training workshops. Zentyal Summit will be held right after the Libre Software World Conference 2011, that will take place in Zaragoza on the 9th and 10th of November.

“We believe that we’ve come to the point where it is necessary for the people involved in the project to meet once a year to chat, exchange experiences, make business contacts, engage with developers and community members, plan the next release or just have fun and share some time together. Zentyal Summit is that meeting place!” said Ignacio Correas, Zentyal CEO.

The call for talks is now open and it is also possible to register to the event at the Zentyal Summit website. The preliminary program will be published shortly and the definitive program will announced in October.

The Zentyal Development Team is glad to announce that the second Zentyal 2.2 release candidate (Zentyal 2.2-rc2) is now available for download! This version includes all the bug fixes done since the release of the rc1, the “Recover from a disaster” menu has been restored to the installer and as a surprise, it also includes experimental USB support for users without a CD drive!

The new installer can be downloaded from the Beta Downloads Page. Users who already have installed Zentyal 2.2-rc1, can also upgrade their packages to the latest available versions via Zentyal server UI. Please note that this version is not intended for production environments.

The release of the next stable Zentyal version (Zentyal 2.2) is estimated for the 3rd week of September. As the release date is approaching fast, your help in finding bugs now is crucial to make this a great release, so remember to report any bugs you come up with via Zentyal UI, bug tracker or Forum! To liven up the bug hunt, we will reward the most active bug-reporters as well as the persons who report the trickiest bugs with Zentyal t-shirts (check out the FAQ)!

Happy testing!

The Zentyal Development Team is proud to announce the availability of the first Zentyal 2.2 release candidate (Zentyal 2.2-rc1)! This version comes with all the Zentyal 2.2 features and the Development Team is challenging Zentyal users to test the release extensively and report any issues they come up with, to help to make a great Zentyal 2.2 release. From now on, the Development Team will focus on bugfixing, polishing details as well as preparing easy migration process from Zentyal 2.0 to Zentyal 2.2.

Besides having done plenty of bugfixing, the following improvements can be highlighted in this release:

  • Based on the fresh new Ubuntu 10.04.03 LTS
  • Administrator audit logging
  • Zarafa 7 integration
  • Usability and performance improvements
  • Many improvements in the VM management module
  • The new installer can be downloaded from the Beta Downloads Page. Users who already have Zentyal 2.1 installed can also try upgrading to the latest available packages via Zentyal server UI, although the upgrade is not guaranteed to be problem-free. However, the Development Team will be pleased to help users who want to try the upgrade and report any issues via the Beta Testing board in the Forum.

    Please read the release notes (details about Zarafa and the new Administrator audit logging feature) and give your feedback through the Forum! Happy testing!

    Zentyal Development Team is glad to announce the availability of a new beta installer, Zentyal 2.1-2! This is the last beta version: from July to September a series of release candidates will be published, and in September the next stable release (Zentyal 2.2) will see daylight.

    This installer contains all the improvements and bugfixes done since the release of the previous beta installer (2.1-1 ). Moreover, it also comes with the first previews of three fully new modules: PPTP, Captive Portal and VM Management. It is important to notice that these modules are still under development and they may be in alpha status – They are not intended for production environments.

    The new installer (available for 32 and 64 bit architectures) is available at the Beta Downloads page. The 2.1 packages can also be installed on an existing Ubuntu Server 10.04, following the Installation Guide instructions. Users who already have a 2.1 installation only need to upgrade to the latest versions of all the available packages.

    As to the VM Management module, it is worth to notice that two different backends are developed to manage VirtualBox and KVM. KVM will be the default option, but the development of the VirtualBox backend is currently more advanced. Those users interested in testing it, simply need to remove the libvirt package and install the virtualbox package (sudo apt-get remove libvirt-bin && sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose).

    Please note that 2.1-2 is a beta version and it is not intended for production environments. If you have a spare testing server or a VM, your help in testing, reporting any problem or simply giving feedback would be greatly appreciated. With everybody’s collaboration and help, we have no doubt that 2.2 will be the best Zentyal release ever!

    Most ISP provide Internet connections using a dynamic IP address. This address changes from time to time so is not possible to point a domain name to it because it is not fixed. Dynamic DNS allows to update the public IP address associated to a domain so you can expose services to the Internet using the known domain name: different websites, VPN for remote access or a mail server.

    The free Zentyal Basic Subscription offers a subdomain for your server (e.g. with up to 3 additional aliases. These subdomains are available on “first-come, first-served” basis so grab your own before someone else does! On top of that you configure the MX records needed if you set up a mail server. One of the star features of Zentyal Dynamic DNS service is the multigateway support: if you have multiple Internet connections you will get a third level subdomain for each one (e.g.,, etc) which will point to you main subdomain on round-robin for load balancing.

    Zentyal Cloud Dynamic DNS configuration is integrated on the server administration interface and the domain management is available on your Zentyal Cloud account. You can gain access to this brand new feature by subscribing your Zentyal servers (2.1 and higher) to Zentyal Cloud with the free Basic Subscription. Currently this feature is available only for latest Zentyal beta versions which will become the next stable Zentyal version (Zentyal 2.2) in September 2011.

    The Zentyal Basic Subscription is a free community subscription, aimed to be used in testing environments. It gives access to some Zentyal Cloud features and services, giving the users an idea of Zentyal Cloud functionality. Currently these features and services include:

  • Remote backup of your Zentyal server configuration
  • Basic alerts: connectivity of your Zentyal server, available software updates or failed automatic configuration backup
  • Dynamic DNS: subdomain for your server with multigateway support and up to 3 aliases
  • Zentyal server name in the web browser tab
  • The Zentyal Development Team is glad to announce the launch of the Zentyal Community Documentation! This initiative, proposed by Zentyal community members, aims at offering community members a space where they can share useful how-tos, tips, scenarios, screencasts and any other type of information considered useful to other Zentyal server users.

    The Zentyal Community Documentation is made available in wiki format and anyone registered in the Zentyal Forum is free to add new wiki pages or to modify them in the Community Documentation Repository. Please note that by contributing you accept the Zentyal Contributor Agreement (ZCA) and your contribution is published under Creative Commons “Attribution-Share Alike” license.

    Zentyal Development Teams believes that the community documentation offers a great chance to complete the official documentation with practical use cases, as well as to gather together and structure all the information that until now has been scattered in Forum boards or blogs. In the next weeks we will be going through the documentation we could add and we’re also looking forward to receiving your contributions!

    Support the World IPv6 Day celebrated today, 8th of JuneZentyal Development Team is glad to announce their support for the World IPv6 Day, that is being celebrated worldwide today 8th of June, by activating Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) on all Zentyal websites. Major sites like Google, Yahoo! or Facebook will serve their content through IPv6 by default today.

    The World IPv6 Day, organized by the Internet Society, aims at testing the effects of large-scale transition from current version of the Internet Protocol IPv4 to the new version IPv6 and raising awareness across the industry to prepare their services for IPv6.

    The activation of IPv6 at Zentyal websites allows users with IPv6 connectivity to access the sites with the same quality and speed as users with IPv4. However, you won’t be able to access the sites if you have a broken IPv6 connectivity. You can check your connectivity and determine if you will experience troubles with this change.

    Concerning IPv6 support on Zentyal server, a fundraising campaign that aims at bringing this feature to Zentyal 2.3 (that will become the next stable Zentyal release, Zentyal 3.0, in 2012) was launched recently. Adding IPv6 support for Zentyal server is not an easy task as it duplicates the complexity of configuration of all network services and should be approached very carefully, but if you want to speed up the development, you can start helping now!