We’re glad to announce that we’ve put together a screencast on how to set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) with eBox Platform. The screencast shows step-by-step how to create and configure a Certification Authority (CA), user certificates, a VPN server and the clients with eBox.

Together with the official documentation regarding VPN set up you should be able to allow secure access to the corporate network to remote users and secure interconnection of geographically distant networks.

You can also find interesting the screencast on Basic Network Configuration or if you are a professional eBox user, the screencast on eBox Control Center. You can also view the screencasts at YouTube:
Setting up a VPN with eBox Platform
Basic Network Configuration with eBox Platform
eBox Control Center

Update (30-12-2009)
As some users were having trouble watching on-line videos, we have now uploaded the screencasts files for download at http://static.ebox-platform.com/video/

eBox Technologies, the developer and sponsor of eBox Platform, signed last week partnership agreements with Aitire (Spain), Arca (Singapore) and MCL Solution (Venezuela). As Authorized eBox Service Partners these companies are granted premium technical support from the eBox developers and full access rights to the eBox Control Center that allows simultaneous and centralized real time monitoring, administration and storage of multiple eBox Platform installations. If you are a professional eBox Platform user, maybe you are interested in reading the full story or checking out the information regarding the eBox Partner Program.

Also, eBox Technologies announced today the launch of certified on-line training in eBox Platform. The first on-line training course “eBox for Network Administrators” is an intermediate course aimed at IT professionals with some experience in computer network management with Linux based servers and eBox Platform. The course is available both in English and in Spanish and the cost of this on-line course is 445€. If you are interested in learning more about all eBox Platform features or getting certified, check out the Training section at eBox Technologies’ web site.

Hi fellow eBox users!

You favourite development team proudly presents the availability of eBox platform 1.2. This release represents a big leap towards our goal of providing the best and most complete easy-to-use open source unified server for SMEs.

You can read more about this new release here.

Ignacio Correas, CEO of eBox Technologies and Javier Uruen, CTO of eBox Technologies will give presentations within the Local Program of the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit (GCDS) taking place from the 3rd until the 11th of July in Las Palmas, in the Canary Islands (Spain).

Ignacio Correas will deliver his presentation entitled “Development of a business model based on eBox Platform” on the 8th of July. The presentation will highlight the role played by the eBox Platform community in the creation of the company and the motives for choosing the current, channel-centered business model. Besides, Correas will also explain the current market opportunity for a unified network server such as eBox Platform.

On the same day, 8th of July, Javier Uruen will give a three-hour workshop entitled “Introduction to the development of eBox Platform modules”. “eBox Platform has two main aims” explains Javier Uruen, and continues “first of all, we aim to provide an easy-to-use unified network server and secondly, we aim to provide a development framework to ease the development of new Unix based services”. “During this workshop we will show how to develop new eBox Platform modules and we will implement a module that manages an Unix-based service”.

If you are interested in participating in the GCDS, we encourage you to register at the GCDS web site. If you are interested in having a face-to-face meeting with the eBox crew, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at info@ebox-technologies.com We will be staying in the Canary Islands from the 3rd until the 11th of July.

During the Innovate!Europe event eBox Technologies was selected by the Guidewire Group to join an invite-only trade mission to Silicon Valley and San Francisco area, on June 8-12. eBox Technologies’ CEO, Ignacio Correas and COO, Javi Vázquez will take part in this trade mission that includes meetings, visits, presentations and other business events.

The focus of the mission will be to meet with venture capitalists, private investors, U.S. entrepreneurs, potential partners and service providers who can further company’s growth. If you are interested in having a face-to-face meeting with eBox Technologies management, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at info@ebox-platform.com We’ll be staying in the San Francisco area from the 7th until 19th of June.

The first certified eBox Platform course that corresponds to the “eBox for Network Administrators” course was held from the 11th until the 28th of May at the Centro de Tecnologías Avanzadas (CTA) in Zaragoza, Spain. Over 120 applications were received by CTA for the 15 available places.

“I’m very satisfied with the course both because of the opportunities offered by eBox and because of the instructor” said Augustín Raluy, IT Consultant who attended the course. “Until now I was used to work on only some fields of the network and system administration and the course has provided me with a more global view. As eBox Platform unifies the management of all network services through one single, graphic and intuitive control panel, it’s much easier to manage more network services in less time. My aim is to use eBox Platform as a standard solution for the customers that entrust me their computer network and system management”.

The course was aimed at IT professionals with basic knowledge on computer network management, for example, Windows system administrators interested in managing computer networks with Linux based systems. At completion of this 48-hour course, students should understand the concepts behind computer network management and efficiently administer SMBs computer networks with eBox Platform.

“We have carried out a large set of practical excercises with eBox Platfrom, from the simpliest and most common cases to most complex scenarios including multiple machines” said Víctor Jiménez, Certified eBox Instructor, and continued “thanks to the easiness of eBox Platform, the students with no previous experience on Linux have become system administrators with eBox Platform”.

The “eBox for Network Administrators” course is part of the eBox Curriculum Path that currently consists of four different courses and is divided into two tracks, Administrators and Developers. The Administrators track is designed to provide system administrators and IT professionals with the knowledge and skills required to successfully manage SMBs computer networks and multiple eBox Platform installations. The Developer track is aimed at system developers, enterprise application developers and system integrators providing them with the knowledge and skills to develop new eBox Platform modules, prepare customized eBox Platform distributions and integrate eBox Platform with other applications.

Hi fellow eBox users,

We are glad to announce the availability of a new testing version: eBox platform 1.1.10. This is the second alpha for our next stable release 1.2.

This is a great opportunity to check and test the new features that eBox is shipping.

Please, click on here for further information about this release.

eBox Technologies was nominated yesterday as one of the ten finalists of Innovate!Europe 2009 Edition. The company was the only Spanish finalist of the event and as one of the finalists, Ignacio Correas, CEO of eBox Technologies, was invited to give a presentation on the company in the closing ceremony of the event.

“We feel very privileged for having been selected to participate in Innovate!Europe 2009” said Ignacio Correas, and continued “during the last three days we have been able to share opinions and to get advice from experts such as Marten Mickos, former CEO of MySQL; Dave Sifry, co-founder of Technorati and John Bautista, partner of Orrick. It has been truly awarding experience and has made us to feel ever more confident of our market orientation and value proposition.”

When asked Marten Mickos’ opinion on eBox Technologies, the former CEO of MySQL answered “I know eBox team and their open source project for quite a long time and I do believe eBox has the potential to disrupt the network server market in a similar way as MySQL disrupted the database market”.

During the spring 2009, over 100 Europe’s most promising startups applied to participate in this three-day program held by serial entrepreneurs, financiers and experts from Europe and United States in Zaragoza (Spain) from the 4th until the 6th of May. eBox Technologies was among the 35 companies selected. In June the Innovate! Europe program continues with an invite-only trade mission to Silicon Valley in which eBox Technologies will also participate to meet high-level audience of venture capitalists, private investors, bloggers and media, facilitating access to financiers, partners and service providers who can further company’s growth.

eBox Technologies is a startup that provides support and services based on eBox Platform, a unified network server that offers easy and efficient computer network administration for SMBs. eBox Platform can act as a Gateway, an Infrastructure Manager, a Unified Threat Manager, an Office Server, a Unified Communication Server or a combination of them. Tight integration of these functionalities allows high automationand important time savings for system administrators. Besides, eBox Platform allows management of different eBox deployments from a central point, making it a very attractive solution for managed service providers.

eBox Technologies is pleased to announce that since April 2009, the company has been granted an “innovative start-up” status by the CEEIARAGON, Spanish Business Innovation Center that is part of the European Business & Innovation Center Network (EBN). The CEEIARAGON is a business incubator that aims to support foundation of innovative companies to generate economic wealth in the region.

The acceptance in the CEEIARAGON’s business incubation program guarantees eBox Technologies an array of business support resources and services for the next years, including an already much needed larger office space. Starting from the 1st of April, eBox Technologies’ new visiting addres is C/ María de Luna 11, N 19, 50018 Zaragoza, Spain. The main phone number has changed to +34 976 73 35 06 and the fax number to +34 976 73 37 19.

“We are very pleased for being accepted in this program and being backed by CEEIARAGON” said Ignacio Correas, CEO of eBox Technologies. “The company is experiencing tremendous interest in services and products based on eBox Platform and the infrastructure and support provided by the Center is just the platform we need at this moment to respond to the market demand”.