eBox 1.0-rc2 is ready for testing

January 30 2009

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Hi fellow eBox users!

Your favorite development team proudly announces the availability of a new release candidate for the 1.0 series.

Let us recall some of the new features that you will find in this new version. eBox now sports a brand new dashboard that takes full advantage of Ajax to greatly improve the user experience. We have shipped new widgets that will allow you to see in real time things like: DHCP leases, Samba users connected to eBox shares, users connected to VPNs, network traffic… In order to customize your dashboard to meet your needs you can drag and drop dashboard widgets, hide those ones that you don’t need and so on. On the mail filter front, this new release ships new interesting features such as: support for greylisting, transparent POP3 proxy, UI overhaul. We have added a new feature to create summarized reports for several modules. The file sharing module now supports per-user quota. Firewall redirects have been improved. And of course, a lot of bug fixing that takes us closer to 1.0.

Please remember this is a release candidate and it’s not ready for production yet. You can install the new packages using our unstable repository. Note that the new packages are only available for Ubuntu Hardy at the moment. Packages for Intepid and Jaunty are underway.

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ebox-unstable/ppa/ubuntu hardy main



  • EBox::Module::writeConfFile and EBox::Service scape file’s path
  • Bugfix. Configure logrotate to actually rotate eBox logs
  • Fixed bug in ForcePurge logs model
  • Fixed bug in DataTable: ModelManager was called with tableName instead of context Name
  • Fixing an `img` tag closed now properly and adding alternative text to match W3C validation in head title
  • Backup pages now includes the size of the archive
  • Fixed bug in ForcePurge logs model
  • Now the modules can have more than one tableInfo for logging information
  • Improve model debugging
  • Improve restart debugging
  • Backups and bug reports can be made from the command line
  • Bugfix: `isEqualTo` is working now for `Boolean` types
  • Add support for reporting
  • Refresh logs automatically
  • Reverse log order
  • Remove temp file after it is downloaded with FromTempDir controller


  • Bugfix: Expire days cannot be zero anymore


  • Add support for reporting
  • Add rules to allow DHCP requests from interfaces configured via DHCP
  • Improve redirects


  • Bugfix: MDSize attribute should not be restored in systems with MDSize feature disabled
  • Bugfix in logs: mail relayed to external smarthost is now logged, external smarthost relay denied action also logged, relay field now only logs relay data and no unrelated data
  • Summary changed to reflect the changes in mailfilter module
  • Added greylist support
  • Added authentication for external smarthost
  • Added TLS support for external smarthost
  • Add support for reporting


  • Bugfix: validation of General model now works properly
  • Added POP transparent proxy
  • SMTP filter separated from main module
  • Interface overhaul to reflect changes in SMTP filter and addition of POP proxy


  • Daemon names are restricted to alphanumerics and ‘-‘. ‘_’, ‘.’ characters
  • Bugfix: servers and clients cannot get any longer the same interface number
  • Added log rotation using logrotate


  • Bugfix: `printers` method returns an empty list when `ebox-printers` package is not installed
  • Add per-user disk quota


  • Restart apache once and not for every package when upgrading or installing


  • Add support for reporting


  • Add traffic shaping rules to POSTROUTING


  • Make and restore backup more robust: removed slapd.conf parameters in both slapadd and slapcat, so we can use the module with sldap with configuration stored in the directory itself. Ignore missing users in a group


  • Remove bogus div end tag
  • Fix items list for titles with single quotes
  • Add new table view without actions
  • Add javascript library to generate report charts
  • Fixing redirect URL coming from proxy
  • Added Chinese from Taiwan and Galician translations

eBox Platform has just been nominated as one of the finalists for the Innovate!Europe 2009 Edition. As a finalist, eBox is now invited to participate in the Master Class, a three-day training program held by serial entrepreneurs, financiers and experts from Europe and United States aiming to prepare the startups to go global.

As an Innovate!Europe Master Class Graduate, eBox Platform will also have an opportunity to participate in an invite-only trade mission to Silicon Valley to meet high-level audience of venture capitalists, private investors, bloggers and media, facilitating access to financiers, partners and service providers who can further the company’s growth.

“We are very excited to be in the final stages of Innovate!Europe.” said Ignacio Correas, CEO of eBox Platform. “In difficult economic times it is particularly important to have a first-class advice, learn different points of view and explore new horizons, and the Master Class together with the trade mission to Silicon Valley are some of the best opportunities we could have.”

eBox was founded in February 2008 in order to offer already greatly solicited services and technologies based on eBox Platform, an open source software that allows highly automated and efficient computer network management. The development of eBox Platform started in 2004 and currently counts with approximately 10.000 monthly downloads and 1.000 active contributors. At present, eBox is in negotiations with over 30 partners located on four continents and employs 11 people.

Innovate!Europe is the European version of the successful Demo event, a launchpad for emerging technologies in United States, and it has been organised yearly in Zaragoza, Spain, since 2005. This years’ Innovate!Europe consists of three-part program with the final aim to name the top startup in Europe. The winner is granted a three-month stay at Guidewire STUDIO, an in-residence business accelerator in the heart of Silicon Valley.

On past Tuesday 14th October eBox 1.0rc1 was publicly presented in an event hosted at the Aragon Institute of Technology with the support of the Government of Aragon and the City Council of Zaragoza. This is the first preview of eBox 1.0, including all the functionality that was planned in the beginning of the development of eBox four years ago.

During the event, which was attended by some 120 managers and professionals of the IT industry in the region, the commercial strategy of eBox Tehcnologies was unveiled, together with its business development plan. eBox Technologies is an spin-off from Warp Networks, founded in order to launch eBox to the market and continue its development.

The event has had wide media coverage in the printed regional papers and on the online sites, such as europapress, aragoninvestiga, cenatic, opensourceworldconference or somoslibres.org among many others.

eBox platform 1.0rc1 CD installer

October 16 2008

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Hi everybody,

The eBox development team proudly announces that you can already download our first release candidate (0.12.99) for eBox platform 1.0. This version will give you an accurate preview of the upcoming 1.0. Please note that it is a release candidate ready for testing.

You can download the eBox installer CD from here.

The packages will be available in our repositories very soon.

Happy testing!

Presenting eBox 1.0

October 3 2008

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After four years of intense work, continuous development and community promotion, eBox is finally a reality. Next 14th October we will release eBox 1.0, our first complete and stable version. There is still a lot of new features and modules to implement but we have reached the level of functionality we planned in the start.

To celebrate this moment we will host an event at the Technological Institute of Aragon, Zaragoza (Spain). For this event we will have a lot of support from the main public institutions in the region, with speeches from Fernando Beltran (Vice-Counselor of Science, Technology and University at the Government of Aragon), Ricardo Cavero (General Director of Science and Technology at the City of Zaragoza) and Francisco Rojas (Manager of the Development of Information Society at the Technological Institute of Aragon). The official programme can be downloaded in Spanish in PDF. The attendance is open and free, so we hope to see you there!

Hi guys,

We have just added a new feature to our traffic shaping module: layer 7 filter.

We are using l7 filter to mark network packets based on its content. This is pretty useful for those of you who are in the need of throttling traffic that can use different ports. Shaping p2p traffic is much easier with this new feature.

We are using the kernel space version of l7-filter at the moment. We plan to switch to the user space version in a few months.

This version of l7-filter needs a patched kernel and patched iptables. But don’t worry just follow the steps below if you want to test it:

To install these packages add the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list file:

deb http://ebox-platform.com/testing/packages/l7kernel ./
deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ebox-unstable/ubuntu hardy main

Once you have added the apt sources run:

apt-get update

First of all, we need to install the pactched kernel by running:

sudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6.24-19-l7filter

Now you will have to reboot to be able to use the new kernel.

If you manage to boot with the new kernel, the next step is installing the patched iptables package and ebox-l7-protocols:

sudo apt-get install ebox-l7-protocols iptables

If everything goes ok, you will be able to access and configure eBox through the web interface.

Note that the eBox traffic shaping module is meant to be used when your machine is acting as gateway, and you can shape on internal interfaces for ingress shaping and on external interfaces for egress shaping.

Don’t forget you will have to enable the firewall and add rules to accept traffic from your internal networks to internet.


eBox 0.12 is ready to rock

August 28 2008

Categories: Releases

Hi fellow eBox users!

Your favourite development team proudly presents the availability of
eBox platform 0.12. This release brings a lot of bug fixes to increase the
stability and reliability that we all expect from such a product. However,
you will find more than bug fixes in this release. We have made some changes
to the UI of several modules: mail, maifilter and openVPN. We have worked on
reducing the memory footprint and increasing the performance, and much
more. As usual you can take a deeper look at the change log below.

The packages are available in our development branch in launchpad, although
they will make it to our stable branch after we get some feedback from our
users -yes, that’s you, and you too. Let’s cut to the chase, to install
these packages you will have to add this apt source:

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ebox-unstable/ubuntu hardy main

For those of you who love bleeding edge stuff, I have great news. We already
have working packages of eBox for Intrepid. If you are up for it, just add this
source to your Intrepid installation:

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ebox-unstable/ubuntu intrepid main

Change log eBox platform 0.12

  • Make default and max leasing time mandatory fields
  • Add help filed to model
  • Make custom_ns field required
  • Bugfix: Mark managers as changed every time they ask to change from/to static method because some models may appear/disappear because of modifying configuration method in interfaces


  • Use the new EBox::Model::Row api
  • Load module capability in pre-start just like the bind9 init script does
  • Don’t add static entry `ns` to localhost if user has defined another IP address for the `ns` name


  • Bugfix: Don’t assume timecol is ‘timestamp’ but defined by module developer. This allows eBoxto purge some logs tables again
  • Add page titles to models
  • Set default values when not given in `add` method in models
  • Add method to manage page size in model
  • Add hidden field to help with Ajax request and automated testing with ANSTE
  • Bugfix: cast sql types to filter fields in logs
  • Bugfix: Restricted resources are back again to make RSS access policy work again
  • Workaround bogus mason warnings
  • Make postinst script less verbose
  • Disable keepalive in eBox apache
  • Do not run a startup script in eBox apache
  • Set default purge time for logs stored in eBox db to 1 week
  • Disable LogAdmin actions in `ebox-global-action` until LogAdmin feature is completely done


  • Use the new EBox::Model::Row api
  • Add help field to firewall models
  • Bugfix. Use exit and not return in dchp-firewall external script
  • Bugfix. Use #DEBHELPER# properly to be able to flush the firewall rules when the package is uninstalled
  • Add support for ESP protocol


  • Bugfix: Fix SSL PEM file path in c2s.xml template
  • Use eBox OID number in LDAP schemas


  • Bugfix: Checkbox for unlimited size is unchecked, the field mentioned, i.e. Size (MB) is activated.
  • Use the new MVC framework
  • Add postfix to sasl group instead of dpkg-stateoverriding stuff
  • Update INSTALL doc
  • Use eBox OID number in LDAP schemas


  • Use eBox OID number in LDAP schemas


  • Use new EBox::Model::Row api
  • Add help to model fields
  • Remove default option auotmatically if another router is set as default


  • Use the new EBox::Model::Row API
  • Added pageTitle to Objects model
  • Add help to Objects model


  • Adapt ebox-openvpn to MVC framework
  • Bugfix: Enforcing RIPv2 to always authenticate when using eBox tunnels


  • Bugfix: Create the `job` table when installing.


  • Add help to model fields
  • Fix typo in defaultEnabledValue. Now shares are enabled by default.
  • Fix typo in administrator label
  • Mark shares strings to translate
  • Use eBox OID number in LDAP schemas
  • Do not use shares that don’t have permission for any user or group
  • Remove deprecated printer admin configuration key in smb.conf.mas
  • Enable dns proxy in smb.conf.mas


  • Use the new EBox::Model::Row API
  • Add help to fields in service model
  • Increase some field length
  • Add support for ESP protocol


  • Use the new EBox::Model::Row api
  • Add field help to models
  • Fix titles within tabs
  • Set deny as default policy


  • Add field help to model


  • Use the new EBox::Model::Row api
  • Check if there is any added user and show a message in case there isn’t any.
  • Restore users reading from ldiff and adding them through eBox API
  • Set password-hash in slapd.conf to make password changes from samba sync the user password


  • Add help field to webserver model
  • Bugfix. Do not add a dns domain if the virtual host is just a host name with no domain

eBox spinning-off from Warp

August 4 2008

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eBox Platform was started in 2004 by Warp Networks as an R&D project to develop an open source platform to ease the administration of corporate networks. Four years later and after a lot of effort and funds invested in its development, eBox has reached an interesting position with a solid commercial use and an increasing demand of professional services around it.

That is the reason why in February 2008 the founders of Warp decided it was the right moment to separate eBox from the parent company and let it reach its full potential. So, eBox Technologies S.L. was founded as a spin-off from Warp, backed by a group of investors and focused solely on developing eBox and providing commercial services around it.

New eBox Samba module

June 11 2008

Categories: Releases

Hi fellow eBox users,

We have uploaded a new version of the eBox Samba module that we hope you find useful for your deployments.

We have added new features to the module. Now you can add any share you want, and not only one share per-group as we had before.

These shares can be directories which are automatically created for you by eBox under /home/samba/shares , or any given path within your filesystem -only those where sharing makes sense. And also, you will be able to control access to the share in a more fine-grained way. You can decide which groups or users have read-only, read and write or administrator access for every share.

You can install this new package from our repositories.

eBox 0.11.101 is out

June 9 2008

Categories: Releases

The eBox development team proudly presents the lastest eBox platform release. 0.11.101 is a maintenance release that ships a bunch of bugfixes to polish and increase the stability of your favourite administration tool.

We have also ported ebox-webserver to Ubuntu, a pretty simple module to manage an Apache server. With this module your users might have a public_html directory under their home or you can just create virtual domains.


  • Bugfix: Fix memory leak in models while cloning types. Now
    cloning is controlled by clone method in types
  • Bugfix: Union type now checks for its uniqueness
  • DESTROY is not an autoloaded method anymore
  • HasOne fields now may set printable value from the foreign field
    to set its value
  • findId now searchs as well using printableValue
  • Bugfix: Minor bug found when key is an IP address in autoloaded
  • Ordered tables may insert values at the beginning or the end of
    the table by “insertPosition” attribute
  • Change notConfigured template to fix English and add link to the
    module status section
  • Add loading gif to module status actions
  • Remove debug from ServiceInterface.pm
  • Add support for custom separators to be used as index separators on exposedMethods
  • Bugfix. Stop eBox correctly when it’s removed
  • Improve apache-restart to make it more reliable.


  • Unroll inoexternal chain
  • Bugfix: Do not restart firewall module if called from dhcp context and the module is not enabled
  • Add setExternalService


  • Fixing typo in actions performed by the module


  • Added Mail Exchanger model to introduce MX records in domains
  • Added mail exchanger model related methods to the exposed API
  • Check consistencies among alias and hostnames within the same
  • Updated remainder models to use lastest types HostIP and
  • Added ‘changeName’, ‘getHostNameByName’, ‘getHostNameByIP’ and
    ‘findAlias’ to improve DNS API to Perl scripts and SOAP clients


  • Fix typo in CreateClient
  • Do not remove quagga and openVPN rc links
  • Bugfix: Retrieve rip password in server configuration
  • Bugfix: Allow user to remove rip password when disabling ebox-to-ebox tunnel
  • Add backwards compatibility with old openVPN tunnels
  • Make removed daemons deletion more robust
  • Bugfix: Get activeServers instead of activeDaemons to add
    INPUT rules
  • Bugfix. Quote certificate files to allow whitespaces


  • Bugfix: Fix typo in ebox-update-packages which prevented software
    management from working
  • Add ebox-softwarecron.daily to debian package
  • Add action to explain ebox-software cron script


  • Fixed bug when removing users in non-quota installations
  • Do not remove init rc scripts
  • Add port 465 (SMTP over SSL) to mail service, old outlook version
    will use this port


  • Static routes become a model with three methods exposed
  • Remove usage of a deprecated method in NetWrappers
  • DNS resolvers become a model with three methods exposed. Now
    you may add as many DNS resolvers you want


  • Bugfix: Secondary nameserver in options does not fill a default
    value when setting as undef by user
  • Added ‘setLeases’ method to set lease times from module API