Hi everybody,

Here we are again with a new release 0.9.2. This latest version, brought to you by your favourite development team, is mainly a bugfix release. No long paragraphs to show off cool stuff this time, just wait for 0.10.

We have added two features which we thought were worth releasing as soon as possible:

  • Backups are accessible via samba. This is useful to deal with large files as many browsers can’t manage them properly
  • Enable/disable logging per module. This is an interim solution until we provide a better mechanism to rotate and remove logs.

Change log eBox platform 0.9.2 [codename torito bravo]


  • Add browser warning when uploading files
  • Enable/disable logging modules


  • Check fixed ip’s name against domain name syntax


  • Always add weighted routers when configuring routers. Instead of adding them when traffic balancing is enabled. Use iptables to send unmarked packets through the default router.


  • Add nasty workaround to try to stop and create swap directories for squid


  • Add ebox backup directory as a shared resource to download/upload
  • Create smbldap_bind.conf which contains password with mask 0600


  • Fix a bug related to unscaped characters
  • Added support for hidden clients


  • Create sasl configuration which contains password with 0600 mask

Matt Willsher has developed a subversion module for eBox Platform, integrating this version control system into your favorite open source project :-) It is not the first module developed by eBox community, but it is really interesting, well-coded and worth of blogging. By the way, it will be integrated in next official versions of eBox.

I took the liberty of sending a few questions to Matt, which he answered promptly. Here is the mini-interview:

Question: You just released the subversion module for eBox, adding a new feature to this platform. How did you take the decision of coding it? What was your motivation?

Answer: I was looking to set up a server at home and had evaluated various platforms for the task. Having built a box from the ground up for the job, I got tired of the amount of work required to add new services and servers, especially as the machine grew in complexity – LDAP, Kerberos, Netatalk, Samba. Adding new things got trickier. So I tried eBox and was very impressed with the ethos of the project – the ease of use, it being open source, uniformity of data use and broad range of well though out features. Plus I’ve never configured Samba so quickly!

One thing was missing for me though – Netatalk integration. I’ve been wanting to get back into coding for a while as I’ve not done any in some time. The OO nature of the framework was ideal and Perl is a language I used some time ago, so I thought I’d give it a go.

Q: How did you find the whole process of coding a new eBox module? Which aspects did you find outstanding and what things you think could be improved?

A: I started about two weeks ago working for a couple of hours every other day or so, working from the module template code and the Jabber module source. Considering I’ve not done any serious Perl in quite a number of years I was very pleasantly surprised with how easy it was. Most impressive to me has been the simplicity of using the framework. The final subversion package comes out at 9K, which I think says a lot about the framework. That’s all the user handling, configuration generation, GConf integration, web interface and daemon control.

In terms of the improvements, the developers guide is useful as a starting point but could do with more content. Things like the package building and autoconf side would be useful and would mean I didn’t have to bother the guys on the IRC channel so much. I’m really looking forward to the API docs as they will make things easier. There could be some streamlining in some of the supporting modules, especially the LDAP module, but these are minor issues and didn’t hinder development to any real degree.

Q: Was it fun? :-)

A: Yes, it certainly was! I’ve done this in my spare time, which I don’t have huge amounts of, and it’s been great. Any short fall in the documentation has more than been made up by the guys on the #ebox IRC channel.

Q: What new features would you like added to eBox? Are you planning to develop other new modules?

A: There is a lot of things on the roadmap that have gotten me excited, especially RAID and LVM – while they can be set up via the installer it’ll be great to set them controllable via the web interface. I’d really like to see an SNMP server that exports a whole wealth of information and then have that used by the reporting engines. I think things like that make it more appealing to the larger SMEs and Enterprises, not to mention stats geeks like myself ;)

As for my own plans, I’ve got to do a little code tidying and commenting of the subversion module, then I’m starting on a Netatalk module. After that is Moblock and after that perhaps Kerberos. At some point I’d also like to implement basic monitoring/graphing of remote SNMP devices but I’m waiting to see what you guys come up with on the reporting side before I start that one.

Q: Now that you know more deeply about eBox and its developers, what do you think about the project? Honestly?

A: Quite honestly it’s to me the most exciting open source projects I’ve come across in some time – the flexibility it provides is remarkable. The developers are great and happy to help. My first experience of coding for eBox has been thoroughly enjoyable. I’m looking forward to getting on with my next module now and learning more about eBox!

eBox 0.9.1 ready to roll

May 20 2007

Categories: Releases

Hi again fellow eBox users!

Your favourite development team is back with more cool stuff to announce.

eBox 0.9.1 is just out of the oven, bringing new features in the networking side, such as improved traffic shaping and multigateway load balancing.

In addition to this, we are glad to announce that the backup system is getting more mature, moving eBox a step closer to the robustness needed in the most demanding environments.

Let’s recap what the 0.9.X releases bring, ordered by coolness:

  • Traffic shaping
  • Multi gateway load balancing
  • OpenVPN
  • Certification Authority
  • DNS server
  • Translation into several languages

These new features, alongside the wide range of capabilities which were already available in eBox 0.8 (such as PDC support, mail server, content filter, print server, …), make eBox a very attractive solution for SMEs, effectively lowering the barrier for Linux adoption in this kind of environment.

Our next step towards world domination includes adding a SOAP API to expose eBox functionality to third party applications. This will allow the development of amazingly easy-to-write scripts to perform custom tasks usually required by eBox users such as:

  • User synchronization with other user databases
  • Remotely scheduled backups
  • Apply configuration profiles to eBox groups
  • Automate anything that you could do through the web interface

We are also planning on building a control center over the SOAP API, which will enable a single administrator to control a group of eBoxes, bringing eBox to the large organisations arena.

Stay tuned, eBox is going to keep rocking!

How to upgrade?

Please pay attention to the upgrading process if you already have a
previous version installed.

Go to software -> system updates. Select libebox and click on the button
located at bottom of the page. By upgrading libebox you will force the rest
of the modules and ebox to be upgraded too. After a few minutes your eBox
will be updated. Now you will be able to install the traffic shaping module
and ebox-software from software -> eBox components. Do not do this before
upgrading libebox!!

Change log eBox platform 0.9.1 [codename Pyrenees]


  • Add JS functions to show/hide elements


  • Fix backup issue with changed state
  • Generic table supports custom ordering


  • Add support for traffic load balancing
  • Try several times to fetch the mac address for each router


  • Added support for shaping on internal and external interfaces
  • More fine-grained rules to mark traffic


  • Fixed a bug related to renew or revoke currently used
    certificates by other modules
  • Added Cancel buttons where they are necessary


  • Make OpenLDAP listen on internal interfaces


  • Small UI changes
  • Fix issue with rules and more than one external interface


  • Extended backup
  • Use host’s FQDN
  • Helo restriction

eBox 0.9 is already out

April 17 2007

Categories: Releases

Hi fellow eBox users!

The eBox development team is proud to present the new eBox
platform release, version 0.9.

Let us highlight some of the features added in this release.

From this version onwards, eBox is shipped with a long-awaited traffic
shaping module, brought to you by Quique, one of our top-notch developers.
This code is the first step towards a fully functional traffic shaping
module. In this version you can shape traffic coming out from eBox to the
Internet, but stay tuned because we will release an improved version to
manage incoming and outgoing traffic very soon.

Another feature that will make our users’ life easier is related to our
openVPN module. Now when you create a VPN for your road warriors, you
will be able to download a ready-to-use file containing the openVPN
configuration and certificates.

This version contains two security fixes. The first one is an enhancement to the
session identifier creation for the web interface and the second one is the
creation of a certificate for Apache when eBox is installed, instead of using a
predefined one.

We would like to thank our fast growing community of translators.
In this version the Polish guys have done a great job, and eBox is
totally translated into Polish. The same goes to German, and also the Italian
translation which is already available for a few modules.

Thanks to all the translators, you guys are doing an awesome job!!!

How to upgrade?

Please pay attention to the upgrading process if you already have a
previous version installed.

Go to software -&#62 system updates. Select libebox and click on the button
located at bottom of the page. By upgrading libebox you will force the rest
of the modules and ebox to be upgraded too. After a few minutes your eBox
will be updated. Now you will be able to install the traffic shaping module
and ebox-software from software -&#62 eBox components. Do not do this before
upgrading libebox!!

Changelog eBox platform 0.9 [Machete]


  • Generic multitable with AJAX to handle 3D tables (used in
    trafficshaping module)
  • More mason components and better support for testing mason
  • Added Aragonese translation
  • Added Dutch translation
  • Added German translation
  • Added Portuguese translation
  • Added Polish translation
  • Enhance security in session identifier creation
  • Create a certificate for apache when installing


  • Bug in recognition of old CD-R writting devices fixed
  • Added Aragonese translation
  • Added Dutch translation
  • Added German translation
  • Added Portuguese translation
  • Added Polish translation


  • Initial release


  • Added German translation
  • Added Aragonese translation
  • Added Dutch translation
  • Added Polish translation
  • Fixed CRL permission issue related to ebox-openvpn module
  • Fixed bug related to back up configuration and create a bug
    report when the certification authority has not created yet
  • Fixed random error issuing certificates
  • Fixed names to accept all input valid parameters except for ‘/’
  • Make Organization Name visible at the GUI


  • Added Aragonese translation
  • Added German translation
  • Added Polish translation
  • dhcp-hooks script will be installed by network module


  • Client bundle generator for Windows and Linux
  • Added Polish translation


  • Added Polish translation


  • Added Aragonese translation
  • Added German translation
  • Added Polish translation


  • Added Aragonese translation
  • Added German translation
  • Added Polish translation
  • Removed dependency: dhcp-hooks don’t require firewall module
    anymore to operate correctly


  • Added German translation
  • Added Polish translation


  • Added German translation
  • Added Polish translation


  • Added German translation
  • Added Dutch translation
  • Added Polish translation


  • Added Aragonese translation
  • Added German translation
  • Added Polish translation


  • Added Aragonese translation
  • Added Dutch translation
  • Added Polish translation


  • Added Aragonese translation
  • Added Dutch translation
  • Added German translation
  • Added Polish translation

ebox 0.8.99 ready to download

February 13 2007

Categories: Releases

It is a pleasure to announce the immediate availability of eBox platform 0.8.99. This version is the first release candidate for milestone 0.9.

This version is shipped with new modules. A Certification Authority module and an OpenVPN module. Now, you will be able to create VPNs to enable your road warriors to easily connect from remote places to your office network. Also, this new module allows you to connect two offices in a secure way across the Internet by setting up an eBox machine as a gateway in each side.

In addition to the new modules, eBox 0.8.99 sports a full-fledged DNS module, making the addition of domains, hosts and alias for your network as simple as it can get. This new module (ebox-dns) replaces the rusty ebox-dns-cache one.

Let us highlight another breathtaking feature which has been added in this release too: multi-gateway or multi-path support. Such a feature allows you to have different concurrent connections to the Internet, and decide what kind of traffic is routed through each link.

At last, the time has come for Ajax to permeate eBox, beginning with Ajax based tables to improve the user experience. A generic table has been added and it will be improved for the next releases, as it is planned to gradually replace the vast majority of the old-fashioned tables with this new one.

Regarding the eBox installer, we have included again a 2.6.12 kernel. You should find less issues with SATA disks and new hardware now.

We would like to thank the new translators who are helping the project with their collaboration and effort. Let us remind you that we have set up an online tool to help with the translations. If you want to translate to your language, please stop by there .

How to upgrade?

Due to a bug in the previous software module version, the first step to upgrade eBox from the web interface is upgrading the software package. After that, you will be able to upgrade the other packages normally. In case you cannot see the new packages listed as available to download, please log into the machine via ssh or local console and execute the following commands:

  • apt-get update
  • apt-get install ebox-software ebox

After a few minutes you should have your eBox modules upgraded, otherwise contact your local eBox guru. If you can’t find one, pay us a visit on our IRC channel (#ebox at irc.freenode.net) or send a mail to our user support list.

What’s next?

For version 0.9 we will improve the OpenVPN module, automatizing and simplifying some tasks. It would be very nice if we receive feedback of that module, letting us know what features you expected. Also, during the next few weeks we will release an initial version of the long expected and highly praised traffic shaping module.

0.8.99 release


  • Add Ajax based templates and Javascript helpers
  • Minor CSS changes


  • Add data table model for generic Ajax tables
  • Add types to be used by models
  • Add MigrationBase and ebox-migrate to upgrade data models
  • Some English fixes


  • Initial release (replaces ebox-dns-cache, adding new features)


  • Support multigateway configuration
  • Remove old default router configuration
  • Add migration script from version 0 to 1


  • Initial release


  • Initial release

eBox installer

  • Include kernel 2.6.12

eBox 0.8 bugfix release is out

December 22 2006

Categories: Releases

The eBox developer team is pleased to announce the availability of eBox 0.8.

A few weeks after its release candidate –0.7.99– was out, here you have the next stable version which fixes some minor bugs detected. Below you will find the list of fixes.

You can already update your system to the new version from the ebox software interface (Software management->eBox components). It is now available in Download section.

You can now upgrade from your current installation from 0.7.* to 0.8.

0.8 release


  • Fix backup issue related to bug reports
  • Improved backup GUI


  • Added netmask /30 (Patch from rampa at encomix.org)


  • Small GUI fix
  • Added firewall rule to access SMTP hosts for all interfaces


  • Fix message


  • dns-cache depends on network. Now when an interface configuration changes, bind is restarted to listen on the new IP


  • ebox-software truncates /etc/apt/sources.list and add all apt sources from ebox-platform.com site

eBox 0.7.99 ready to download

November 29 2006

Categories: Releases

The eBox development team is proud to announce the next eBox platform release. This version 0.7.99, which is our release candidate for 0.8 final, is already downloadable from the usual place. We do not expect many changes from this version to 0.8.

It has been a while since our last release and some of you thought the project was stopped, but here we are, hitting the repository again, alive and kicking and with more energy than ever thanks to the new developers who have joined us in the last months, Javi and Quique.

In this version the backup actions have been improved and extended to other modules. Now you will be able to backup the shared files for your samba users, the LDAP database, or burn the backup files directly to DVD or CD-ROM. Several bugfixes have been made, it is worth mentioning in this regard that we have added a new version of OpenLDAP which seems to behave much better with power failures, hopefully all issues reported regarding database corruptions will dissappear. There is a complete changelog at the end of this email.

Please, all those who are going to upgrade your eBox to this version read carefully the following lines. There was a bug in the last version which will prevent you from upgrading through the web interface. So if you want to upgrade, you will have to do it manually. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Log into eBox through console or SSH as root
  • Edit /etc/apt/sources.list and remove any line which contains a Debian security source. The line looks like this:

    deb http://security.debian.org/ sarge/updates main

    Please note, that from this version on, the security updates will be on our repositories. We will make sure that the new packages do not mess up anything in eBox before uploading them.

  • Save the file
  • Execute the command “apt-get update”
  • After that, execute the command “apt-get dist-upgrade”
  • After a few minutes, your system and eBox will be upgraded

So if you plan to try or install eBox you have several options of how to do it:


Recommended if you want to take a glance at its features, or check quickly if it meets your needs without installing anything.

eBox installer

In case you want to install eBox in a new machine from scratch. It will install sarge, eBox and all its dependences automatically.

Debian packages

If you already have a Debian sarge installed. We recommend you use a machine dedicated to eBox as it will take over some services and configuration files. So maybe the Debian installer is still the best option for you.


And of course, you have access to the source repository. Note that this approach should only be used if you intend to help with the project development.

Here you have a detailed Changelog for each module:

0.7.99 aka “spicy pepper daddy”


  • Add test stubs to ease testing
  • Add setters for eBox::CGI::Base
  • Add default _process with parameters validation behaviour to EBox::CGI::Base
  • New sudo handling with custom exceptions
  • Mason templates for common controls and form tables
  • Some API extensions and bug-fixing
  • Refactored and increased test coverture


  • Change sudo stub to be more permissive
  • Add startup file to apache web server
  • Enhance backup module
  • Add basic CD/DVD support to backup module
  • Add test stubs to simplify testing
  • Add test class in the spirit of Test::Class
  • Html.pm now uses mason templates


  • Add a Brazilian Portuguese translation
  • Fix bugs giving a more robust support for adding NTP


  • Full backup mode stores shared files
  • Quota now allows unlimited space and i-nodes number
  • Various bug-fixes


  • Add extended backup support for LDAP
  • Performance tuning to slapd
  • Some minor code improvements


  • Backup the eBox’s postgresql database
  • Fix shown n-pages log in Web
  • Some small bugs fixed


  • Add Mime Type Filter Support
  • Add custom filter support for file extensions and Mime Type
  • Merge Portuguese translation thanks to JC Junior
  • Add some explanatory notes
  • Fix some small bugs
  • Fix a bug which made dansguardian crash at start
  • Dansguardian does not start when it shouldn’t


  • Add Portuguese translation


  • Add Portuguese translation


  • Add Portuguese translation
  • Duplicate names are not longer allowed


  • Fix bug to wait until the upgrade or installation is done.
    Use AJAX to check if the upgrading taking place has finished
  • Restart apache when a package is installed


  • Add Portuguese translation

New eBox Installer ISO

February 14 2006

Categories: Releases

We have uploaded a new eBox installer ISO which fixes a bug related to


There was a problem with the 2.6.12 kernel, shipped with our ebox, when compiled with gcc 4.0.3.

The effect of such miscompilation was that the command ‘/sbin/ip’ didn’t add

a default route properly, strangely ‘/sbin/route’ worked ok.

We have used a -686 kernel for the new eBox installer which works ok.

Ebox 0.7.1 RC1 is out

February 6 2006

Categories: Releases

ebox 0.7.1-rc1 is out. It’s already downloadable from the usual place.

This is not just a maintenance release, as some new features have been added as well. Amongst them, the highly demanded support for PDC. Now your Windows users can authenticate against your ebox machine, use roaming profiles and so on.

To ease the process of installation we have tailored a Debian installer CD. It contains the ebox system base and all the available modules already on it. Now, it is easier than ever to install ebox.

Of course, it’s shipped with a bunch of bugfixes. This release is much more polished than the last 0.7. So, even though it’s officially a release candidate, this is the stable version and the one we recommend you install.

You can read a more detailed changelog below.

Changelog 0.7.1-rc1 “opgc release”


  • GUI improvements
  • Change “save changes” button color when are unsaved changes.


  • use Apache::Reload to reload modules when changed
  • GUI consistency (#12)


  • Add search domain to options


  • Allow TCP queries


  • New release


  • GUI fixes


  • Add delObjectclass (useful for ldap clean actions)
  • Detect and recover when ldap connection is broken (#25)
  • Make EBox::Ldap a singleton class
  • Initial factoring


  • Initial support for PDC
  • GUI improvements
  • Add update/clean actions to ebox-samba-ldap
  • Use EBox::LDAP singleton
  • Debian package fixes
  • Fetch SID from configuration file


  • GUI improvements
  • Added queue management support
  • Use EBox::LDAP singleton
  • Added update/clean actions to ebox-mail-ldap


  • Fix errors on make install
  • Jabber add-on template is not shown when disabled (#16)
  • Fix i18n
  • Fix a bug which prevented jabber to be restarted properly
  • Use EBox::LDAP singleton
  • Fix issue with external connections (#31)


  • Use ignore_nonexistant to avoid issues with files removed suddenly. There was a problem when logrotate removed squid log fil


  • GUI improvements


  • GUI improvements
  • Heavily reduced memory usage (esofttool rewritten in C++)
  • Fix serveral dependency handling problems


  • Add support to configure banned extension list in dansguardian
  • GUI consistency

Ebox Platform release 0.7

November 30 2005

Categories: Releases

eBox Platform is an open source project to easily manage advanced network services. Project eBox has been developed by Warp Networks in
association with DBS Sistemas Informaticos.

eBox is not just a network tool. It is a complete development framework to extend its features to control any service you need. eBox platform is distributed under a dual licensing model: GPL version 2 and a comercial
license for those companies interested in.

Features in version 0.7:

  • Network interface management
  • Network objects
  • NTP server
  • DNS cache
  • DHCP server
  • Firewall
  • Web proxy
  • Content filter
  • Mail server
  • Automatic upgrade system
  • File sharing
  • Printer sharing
  • Instant messages service
  • Internacionalization
  • … and more!

Note that eBox is an advanced network services provider, so it’s intended
to be installed on a dedicated machine. eBox overwrites configuration for
some network services, so it’s not recommended to have them previously
configured (or their configuration could be lost).

Anyway, you can install it on a debian system, using eBox apt repository:

deb http://ebox-platform.com/debian/stable/ ebox/
deb http://ebox-platform.com/debian/stable/ extra/

Or you can test it without risk using our eBox Platform Live CD!

You can help in its development or modify eBox for your needs just checking
out eBox source code with:

svn co https://svn.warp.es/ebox-platform/trunk/

Please, submit your bugs to our trac system.

and finally, enjoy your eBox experience!