Zentyal Team is glad to announce that a new Zentyal 3.0-1 installer is now available! This installer includes a new compilation of packages with all the bugfixes and Ubuntu system updates since the release of the first 3.0 installer. Moreover, we would like to highlight the following changes:

  • This installer already includes the final Samba 4.0.0 package. Please read this post about the current status of Samba4 in Zentyal server 3.0.
  • It comes with improved UTF-8 support. This is specially useful for those who are not using Zentyal in English. Please note that if you are already experiencing issues with UTF-8, upgrading may not be enough and probably you need to reinstall the server in order to resolve the issues.
  • This installer also allows to introduce your Zentyal account credentials since the beginning of the installation to automatically register your server.

You can download the ISOs as usual from: www.zentyal.org/downloads If you already have Zentyal 3.0 installed and you are not affected by UTF-8 issues, you can simply upgrade your server through the web interface (Software Management module) or with apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade.

Remember to spread the word! And as always, feedback and suggestions through the Forum are much appreciated!

Much success and prosperity in 2013!

Zentyal Team wishes happy holidays and much success and prosperity for everybody in 2013!

And while waiting for Santa, digesting those splendid meals or recovering from the best New Year’s Eve party ever, we have prepared a small update to assemble a little Christmas-themed Fluffy for your desk – Happy Holidays!

Happy 7th Birthday, Zentyal!

November 30 2012

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Zentyal Team is pleased to celebrate today the 7th anniversary of Zentyal, the Linux small business server! Zentyal was first launched in 2005, under the name of eBox Platform, and since then it has grown into a full IT infrastructure management solution for small and medium businesses (SMBs) and organizations.

During the past year Zentyal has advanced more than ever in its goal of providing SMBs an easy-to-use and affordable IT infrastructure solution. The single most important milestone was the over $1 million investment in the company by Open Ocean Capital, a leading investor in community and open source business. Other important events include a partnership agreement with Canonical that guarantee official Canonical | Ubuntu support for commercial Zentyal server editions, establishment of the Board of Directors to steer the business and product development, or celebration of the Zentyal Summit 2012.

All this has happened keeping in mind our commitment to continuous growth and improvement of our product and service offering – Therefore the year 2012 has been a year of major strides also in terms of product development. Zentyal server 3.0 was released last October: based on Ubuntu 12.04 and offering Samba4, Single Sign-On and improved Zarafa integration among other important features, it has made Zentyal server a drop-in replacement for the Active Directory. Moreover, there have been major improvements in the Zentyal Remote, a remote monitoring and management platform for both servers and desktops, and big steps have been taken with Zentyal Cloud development to offer in the next months cloud services fully integrated with Zentyal server.

As a logical step related to the changes in the products and services offering, Zentyal has also launched a new commercial offering and a new partnership program, easier and more suitable for IT support and service providers interested in embracing the managed IT service model. There are already more than 30 official Zentyal partners worldwide and the partner network is growing strong.

And last, but not least, we have given a warm welcome to Fluffy as our official mascot! It has been an exciting year and the Zentyal Team is looking forward to yet another thrilling year, that will take us closer to our goal of turning Zentyal into the easy IT infrastructure solution of choice for small and medium businesses!

Zentyal code moved to GitHub

November 15 2012

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Zentyal Development Team is glad to announce that GitHub, the popular web-based hosting service, contains now the official GIT repository for Zentyal. Until now the official repository was maintained at git.zentyal.org, but from now on you can access to the Zentyal GitHub project at http://code.zentyal.org

The main reason for this change is to encourage and ease community contributions: Third party modules or any other change or improvement in the core modules. With GitHub working on the Zentyal repo is just a click away and the developers can do a pull requests to see their code merged into the Zentyal master branch.

Zentyal Development Team wants to thank everybody who already contributed code to the project and encourage new contributors to join! Simply let the team know what you are up to through the Development Mailing List and remember to send the Contributor Agreement.

Additional note

Please note that if you already had cloned the Zentyal code from git.zentyal.org, you need to clone it again from git://github.com/Zentyal/zentyal.git (or from your own fork in GitHub).

Zentyal Development Teams is glad to announce that the tentative Zentyal 3.2 roadmap has now been published. As disclosed during the Zentyal Summit 2012, the main development lines for Zentyal 3.2 will be:

  • IPv6 support
  • Zentyal Desktop for Ubuntu with Single Sign-On and autoconfiguration of clients
  • Usability improvements and interface review

And if you are saying “What? What about all the other ideas?” Well, you can decide! A new platform at http://ideas.zentyal.org has been set up to make it easier to submit, vote and track ideas. All the current ideas in the trac wishlist, tickets and forum posts will be progressively taken here to have only one, single idea pool.

Naturally, due to limited resources, not all the ideas can come true. However, the most popular and doable ideas will get included in the Zentyal 3.2 Roadmap. Initially, there is no deadline for submitting ideas: you might propose an excellent idea a month before the freeze, get lots of votes and if it takes little development time, get it still included. However, if you are thinking about something that takes lots of development time, you better propose the idea as soon as possible.

Zentyal Team is glad to announce that Virtual Machine images of Zentyal 3.0, including all the latest packages, are now available for download! These VM images – that are available for VirtualBox, VMware and KVM (qcow2 format) – offer a quick and easy way to test Zentyal without actually having to install it. This is especially useful for those users who simply want to have a quick look to the latest Zentyal functionality.

The VM images together with instructions and additional information are available in the trac. It is important to note that the images come with a reduced set of Zentyal modules. In reality Zentyal offers many more features that can be easily enabled in the “Software Management” section once the Virtual Machine is up and running.

Remember to spread the word! And as always, feedback and suggestions through the Forum are much appreciated!

The Zentyal Development Team is happy to announce the availability of the official documentation for Zentyal 3.0, a new major release of the Zentyal Linux small business server that was launched 10 days ago. As usual, the updated documentation is available at http://doc.zentyal.org/, in both English and Spanish.

We would like to highlight specially the fully new documentation prepared for the new Zentyal 3.0 modules, such as Samba4, LTSP and UPS. Due the mayor changes in HTTP Proxy, firewall and Zarafa groupware service, you might also want to have a look to these sections. Moreover, as Zentyal 3.0 comes with a renewed look and feel, all the screenshots have been updated too.

Please note that we are still proofreading the documentation. If you find any issues (typos, mistakes, etc.) and want to contribute by reporting them, please let us know through the Forum. The old Zentyal 2.2 documentation continues being available in both English and Spanish.

The Zentyal Development Team announced today the release of Zentyal 3.0, a new major release of the Zentyal Linux small business server. Zentyal aims at providing small and medium businesses (SMBs) professional, reliable and secure network infrastructure solutions, that are both easy to use and affordable.

One of the most important features Zentyal 3.0 introduces is the Samba4 integration, that makes Zentyal server a full replacement for the Windows Server Active Directory. This means that from now on Zentyal server will use protocols to manage users, permissions and security policies that are fully compatible with any Windows server and Windows desktop.

This version also features a brand new Single Sign-On feature, based on the Kerberos open source software. It removes the need to enter user credentials every time a user wants to access network services such as email, file sharing or browse the Internet through a proxy. Thanks to the integration with Samba4, this feature works out of the box for Windows desktops.

In addition, Zentyal 3.0 introduces major performance and usability improvements together with a number of new features such as UPS module, Thin Clients module and a new Master-Slave architecture. Moreover, several modules including HTTP Proxy, firewall and Zarafa collaboration platform come with major updates. An important change is also the update of the underlying operative system: Zentyal 3.0 version is based on the latest Ubuntu Server LTS edition (12.04).

A large part of the annual Zentyal Summit, that will be held this year on the 4th and 5th of October in Zaragoza, Spain, will focus on the Zentyal 3.0 release and how it helps IT support and service providers and IT administrators taking Linux-based IT infrastructure management solutions to SMBs. The event is free of charge, but seats are limited so early registration is recommended.

Additional information
Zentyal 3.0 is available for download at:
The official Zentyal 3.0 release announcement is available at:
The full Zentyal 3.0 Change log is available at:
Spread the word about the release! The news is available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and German.

Zentyal Development Team is glad to announce that the second release candidate of Zentyal 3.0 is now available for download and testing! This version is based on the new Ubuntu 12.04.1 installer and besides all the bug fixing done since the first release candidate, it features a new Samba 4.0 beta8 and lots of additional improvements and polishing.

Now it is definitively the time to download Zentyal 3.0-rc2, test it throughout and help ironing out the remaining flaws! You can download the new installer from the Beta Downloads page: http://www.zentyal.org/beta/. If you already have installed Zentyal 3.0-rc1, simply upgrade your packages to the latest available versions (Software Management module) or using apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade. Please note that Zentyal 3.0-rc2 is a release candidate and it is not intended for production environments.

The release of the Zentyal 3.0 is almost here, so your help in finding bugs now is more important than ever to make Zentyal 3.0 the best release in the history! So, don’t forget to report any bugs you come up with, either through the bug tracker or the Official Zentyal Forum. To liven up the bug hunt, we will reward the most active bug-reporters as well as the persons who report the trickiest bugs with Zentyal t-shirts!

Happy testing!

Zentyal S.L., developer of the Zentyal Linux small business server, today officially announced the preliminary program for Zentyal Summit 2012, that will take place on the 4th and 5th of October in Zaragoza, Spain. Built on the experience and feedback of last year’s extremely popular summit, this year’s program continues providing cutting-edge content for the needs of IT support and service providers and IT administrators interested in taking Linux-based IT infrastructure management solutions to small and medium businesses (SMBs).

The summit begins on Thursday, October 4, featuring a keynote fom Tom Henriksson, Partner at Open Ocean Capital. During his talk “The keys to identify and scale category-winning open source companies” he will give insights on what it takes for open source start-ups to become successful. Open Ocean – the first major owner in MySQL AB – is a leading early-stage venture capital company, with a particular emphasis on European start-ups deploying user community or open source business models.

During the two days of the event, open source software manufacturers such as Canonical – developer of the popular Ubuntu operative system, and Zarafa – developer of the Zarafa email and collaboration platform, together with Zentyal will give a series of both commercial presentations and technical workshops. It will be possible to learn about desktop and server migration to Linux-based systems, how to choose hardware or to integrate infrastructure management systems with user-level applications, or what benefits Samba 4 and single-sign-on bring to IT infrastructure management in SMBs, to highlight few.

Besides advice from manufacturers, the attendees will also have the chance to learn how IT support and service providers, such as Leucotron, Neodoo or Calat, are building their own service portfolios based on Linux and open source solutions. On the other hand, the Community trac held on Friday, October 5, will give insight to the role of the community behind Zentyal as an open source project and it will also offer the chance to propose an elaborate ideas for the roadmap of the next Zentyal server version.

There is no registration fee for participating in the event, but seats are limited so early registration is highly recommended. Both the program and registration form can be found at the Summit website at: http://summit.zentyal.com The Zentyal Summit 2012 is sponsored by the Zaragoza City Council and Milla Digital, Canonical, Zarafa, Neodoo and National Reference Center for ICT Based on OSS (CENATIC).