Zentyal 3.3 Roadmap

Zentyal Server 3.3 (Community Edition) will be published on the 16th of December 2013. Please find below the roadmap for this version.

Microsoft Exchange Server® migration tool
Calendars (default folder)
Native Microsoft Exchange Server® replacement
Provisioning of Zentyal as first Microsoft Exchange Server®
Provisioning of Zentyal as additional Microsoft Exchange Server®
User management
Autodiscovery support
Support for multiple virtual mail domains*
Email Support (IMAP)
Calendar Support (MAPI)
Contact Support (MAPI)
Global Address List Support (AD)
Improved exception management system
General bugfixing and improvements
UI, style and menu improvements
More responsive pages through partial AJAX updates

* Updates (August 1st)

  • Initially it stated “Virtual Domain hosting”. This was confusing and was corrected with “Support for multiple virtual mail domains”.